About Artist Not Dead

Welcome! Thank you for considering your purchase.  It is my hope that you thoroughly enjoy the stories, songs, poems, images, and emotional expressions that I have put forth to bring you my sincere effort to inspire.  In the writing of this book over a considerable time, I have been blessed to have fine assistance because of my disease and physical limitations.  I am grateful for the discovery and playful interaction I have brought into this entertaining read especially the electronic aspect as well as the simple pleasure of holding the printed version in hand.  Imagination is a wonderful gift thus let yours soar if you are stimulated by parts of the book you find enjoyable.  The reactions of my very personal story have motivated me to engage in this very in depth undertaking.

That motivation has come from a very curious question, which was given to me by college students.  The question was: why are you so happy when you have a terminal illness?  That question made me think that since I was visited by so many students that I had to then give them an answer straight up.  I realized after giving my answer, which was: after getting a second chance at life I had to give back by being positive and proactive within the realm of my disease.  The curious question by these students and many friends made me realize that there was a gap in the information about life that they had not known due to my age difference and their beginnings in life.  The age difference did not seem to matter but the legacy of my life could be conveyed in a book.  So for anybody who needed inspiration and a good story about life, here is my legacy.  Thus, I hope my book finds you enjoying this compelling tale.

The book can be read straight forward from front cover to back cover but if you have the electronic version you can pull up highlighted pop-up links which will show you what I had in my head when I was writing the story.  The electronic pop-ups add a whole new dimension to reading.  For it was my objective to let the reader know of the images and thoughts from my mind directly.  Thus, all the different images, songs, videos, ect. were exactly what I saw in my mind as I was writing.  So, I offer to you this different type of medium, which enhances the book tremendously.  Traditional book form or electronic, I have been told, is a darn good read.  If you feel this book should be recommended please tell as many people as you like.  Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Ron Nepomuceno